Home of the spirit wolves






Owner: Firework

Co-Owner: Mottle 

Admins: N/A

Mods: N/A 


 Member Rules

1. Limited cussing. Shit, damn, ass are fine. Any others will result in a ban. 

2. Don't make anyone feel less of themselves. That's just showing how low and desperate you are.

3. Staff are to be nice to the members and others.

4. No bringing up other sites if you're talking bad about them.

5. Don't copy anyone's character.

6. Do not complain.

7.  No fighting or arguing. If you have a problem with a member, inbox the Owner and she'll help.

8. NO GANGS. This results in fights. And fights are not allowed.

9. Don't talk about race, religion, sex, etc. 

10. If you choose to post things about yourself, go ahead that's your choice. But be warned, stalkers are out there. 

Roleplaying Rules 

1. No roleplaying anyone else's' wolves, it's not yours.

2. ASK for a high position, don't just assume it's yours.

3.  Have as many wolves as you please. But remember that if you become inactive with some, you will be forced to have a limit of wolves.

4. Try to keep the art limit down. If it's not yours, don't use it unless if it's a freebase or if you have permission.

5. No cussing in roleplays.

6. No killing others characters unless if they say so.

7. No power playing or godmodding. That's annoying.

8. No detail mating, rape, birth, etc.

9. You cannot mate with your own wolf.

10. Pups cannot have mates.

11. Pups cannot leave the Pack until they're a full grown wolf.

12. No big plots, only minor plots.

13.  No powers.

14. One forbidden love per member.

15. Only healers know all herbs.

16. Realistic names, please.

17.  The next Alpha is the alpha's first born. Same goes for beta.